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Houston Parking Garage Power Washing

Parking Garage Stairwell Cleaned

Houston Parking Garage Power Washing   Houston Parking Garage Power Washing Berkeley Services is committed to providing excellent commercial services in the Houston area.   In all of our operations, spanning forty years, we’ve been dedicated, as a company, to delivering quality service. Dirt, grime, and mildew accumulate over a long period of time. What starts…

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The Power of Tennant Machines For Houston Parking Garages

You expect service providers to employ the ultimate resources in the care of your facility.   Utilizing the right technology enables maintenance jobs to be completed in the most efficient manner possible.   Berkeley Services is proud to highlight our powerful partner in Houston Parking Garage Sweeping – the Tennant machine.    Please understand that…

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How To Get Your Parking Garage Clean

The Priority of Parking Garage Cleaning    Presenting a clean parking space on a daily, ongoing basis is vital for business and professional reputations.   For property managers serving multiple office building tenants, the parking structure serves as an everyday testament to the level of service your provide your tenants and their essential clients.  Picture…

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Finding A Parking Garage In Houston

Houston, Texas can be a frustrating place to find a clean parking garage.   In the large commercial districts such as Downtown, the Texas Medical Center, West Loop a cluster of complex options appear appear in close proximity, confusing unfamiliar motorists with an option overload.   Navigating the varying rules and access protocols for each…

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