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Berkeley Services has been in business since 1975. Located in Conroe, TX,  we service Montgomery County and the greater Houston area. We specialize in new parking lot striping, re-striping, and dustless blasting paint removal.

Parking Lot Striping Houston

Fresh parking lot striping not only provides aesthetic value, it also informs the public that the business pays attention to detail, cares about its guests, and is professional. Parking lot striping Conroe provides an inviting environment for guests of any local business. We take pride in our parking lot striping and provide the highest quality line striping services. We don’t just paint over existing faded striping, we use a dustless blaster to remove all old and chipping paint. This process allows us to lay down fresh line striping that will last much longer than the traditional method.

Berkeley Services line Striping, will work with all local businesses in Conroe, TX that have a parking lot. “Rather big or small, we will stripe it all” is our our parking line striping motto. With our business located in Conroe, Texas, we enjoy line striping for our neighbors and helping to make our community beautiful.
We will provide you with top-of-the-line asphalt and concrete striping, which will be straight and uniform in both color and width.

​Some of the types of businesses we serve in and around Houston, Texas are:

  • Churches
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Stand- alone Retail Stores
  • Educational Facilities
  • Government Facilities
  • Condos
  • Senior Living Complexes
  • HOA Communities
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Strip Malls
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations.

No matter what type of business you have in Conroe, we help your parking lot make a statement with fresh lines and bright colors.

Fire Lane Signage and Striping

Fire Lanes are important for both Conroe city compliance and the safety of your visitors. Proper fire lane striping can not only save lives, but it is mandatory by the City of Conroe to assign designated areas for emergency vehicles.

Different cities require specific requirements when it comes to fire lane signage and striping. Each city’s requirements may vary; however, it is vital that each business meet the specific requirements in their local city to avoid costly fines.
At Berkeley Services, we can ensure that we are familiar Conroe’s compliance codes, and we will make sure all fire lane striping is clearly marked and visible.
Parking Lot Services Cost Analysis 
Type of Striping
The average cost to line stripe a parking lot depends on the quantity of pavement markings and whether the parking lot is being re-striped or is a brand new layout for parking lot paving and seal coating.
Parking Lot Size
The size of your project will obviously be a big factor in determining your overall cost; how long a project will take, and how many trips it will require to complete because of traffic or business hours, etc.

Number of Pavement Markings

The number of pavement markings on the site will play a large role in your project cost. Pavement markings are everything other than stalls (arrows, handicap marking, number stencils, speed bumps, stop bars, no parking markings, etc.). Typically, about half of your line striping costs will be absorbed in pavement markings.


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Berkeley Services is proud to provide quality parking lot striping services in the greater Houston area. All our work is backed by our excellent customer service staff who put the needs of clients first.

Additional locations we service include:

Contact us today to find out how Berkeley Services can help you meet your goals for parking lot striping.

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