Houston Pressure Washing: November 2017 Parking Garage Before & After Pictures


The Berkeley Services team returned from a successful Houston power washing project in the Texas Medical Center with these excellent images documenting the dramatic improvement to the exterior of the parking garage.  The first image shows the high level of soot and decay accumulated on the exterior of the cement structure.   The middle image shows the two/third completion stage on the garage face with the stark differential readily apparent.   Finally, the third image depicts the glow of a completely power washed parking garage!


Visual Evidence:  Houston Power Washing Professionals

Houstonpowerwashingbeforephoto.2 11-17.JPG
Houstonpowerwashingafter-horizontal 11-17.JPG

Houston Power Washing Before & After Photos

Berkeley Services is at it again, delivering highly professional aesthetic enhancements to one Houston's most prestigious private schools.   The Episcopal School Houston has contracted our team for several years to clean the parking garage serving their academic & athletic facilities.   Take a look at these before and after pictures of our Houston Power Washing services in action!

Berkeley Power Washing Parking Garage Before
Berkeley Power Washing After
Berkeley Power Washing Before2.JPG
Berkeley Power Washing After
Houston Pressure Washing Before Parking Garage Picture

The Woodlands Parking Garage Cleaning - Before Pic

Notice the widespread grime covering, literally discoloring this entire side of the Houston parking garage structure.   Standing dirt like makes a garage structure look ten years older.

Houston Pressure Washing Parking Garage Picture - After

The Woodlands Parking Garage Cleaning - After Pic

Sparkling, and grime free!   These results showcase the dramatic impact a Berkeley Services pressure washing treatment has on a The Woodlands parking garage appearance.  

Pressure Washing The Woodlands

Berkeley Services: Pressure Washing The Woodlands 

You're always looking for results with every service you contract with and pressure washing is no different.   Berkeley Services understands that businesses and organizations today across the Houston area are deliberate and mindful with maintenance decisions & the providers they contract with.   In this post we provide visual evidence of the impact our pressure washing team has on client parking lot surfaces.   These images were shot near The Woodlands, Texas in April 2017.  Below you can see the differential line, highlighting the dramatic difference our pressure washing rendered upon this concrete surface.  Remember that the steady accumulation of grime can condition your eyes to expect this parking lot discoloration as normal, when in our reality your lot was meant to gleam in the Texas sun!   Schedule us today for excellent service. 

Pressure Washing The Woodlands Action Shot 1

The Pressure Washing Difference

Our pressure washing team utilizes completely compliant water recollection procedures in order to comply with all applicable state & local regulations.   We would be happy to provide a brief overview of our process and commitment to compliance.   

Pressure Washing The Woodlands Action Shot 2

The Woodlands Parking Lot Cleaning


Where Would You Rather Park?  


Pressure Washing Available Today! 

Pressure Washing The Woodlands Action Shot 5
Pressure Washing The Woodlands Action Shot 6

The Woodlands Commercial Painting Professionals

Keeping Facility Walls Fresh 

Did you know that Berkeley Services has a The Woodlands Commercial Painting division?   Our professional painters regularly paint and retouch surface areas, walls, directional signage and other facility elements across the The Woodlands area.   Affordably priced and quickly dispatched, our crews provide perfect paint treatments without collateral damage or unnecessary delays.  

The Woodlands Commercial Painting 

The picture above shows a parking garage stair railing precisely painted by the top The Woodlands commercial painting team.   Berkeley Services was able to complete this project in less than a day and with minimal interruption.    By hiring only seasoned veteran technicians we are to deliver extraordinary service to our clients.   Serving our hometown is our passion and we love the The Woodlands Township and all the fantastic amenities that delight tourists and locals alike! 

Specialty Repainting For The Woodlands

Recently two of our team members worked to paint a uniquely shaped parking garage directional pillar at our The Woodlands Commercial Painting area facility.   The cylindrical object was over 10 feet long and weighed +100 pounds.  Having been discolored by continual use, our team members delivered an expert repaint treatment, to precise color specifications, then returned the pillar to it's important post before it was missed!   

Houston Parking Garage Power Washing Before & After

Dirty Houston Parking Garage Surface

Berkeley Services is committed to excellent commercial service in the Houston area.   In all of our operation, spanning forty years, we've been dedicated as a company to delivering extraordinary client outcomes.   With many service areas, it is important that we highlight the garage power washing work of our esteemed professionals.  Above you can see the level of accumulated dirt present on the garage surface, right along a widely trafficked corridor and critical pedestrian path.   Now scan right below for a visual representation of our team's hard work.   Notice how the drainage trail has been entirely eliminated from the pictured parking spaces and the radius around the drainage cover has been dramatically changed.   This is a completely restored garage floor!   Ready for Berkeley Services, Houston's leader in parking garage maintenance to transform your garage or surface lot?

Clean Houston Parking Garage

Power Washing Houston

The humidity and activity of our beloved city ensures that parking lot surfaces are inundated with soot and grime over time.   We've all stepped out of our vehicles in a parking garage, ready for an important business meeting or night out on the town, only to have our shoes and pant legs marred by discoloration below.   Eliminating unpleasant scenes like this is the reason so many organizations contract with Berkeley Services for regular power washing & cleaning services.  We don't just kicking dirt, we're solving serious aesthetic and environmental issues every day across Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.    

The Power of Houston Power Washing

Cleaning Houston Parking Garages

The Berkeley Services pressure washing team often encounters severe residue buildup and discoloration while maintaining Houston parking garages in busy commercial districts.   Excessive paint, oil, and grit from numerous motor cars combine to produce a nasty adhesive on the driving surface.   These messes do not look attractive to employees and visitors of well trafficked office corridors.   Fortunately our expert technicians are able to blast away these gaping eyesores, leaving spotless surfaces behind for every driver to enjoy.   

A Clean Parking Garage Surface

Employing a sequence of specialized techniques, our Parking Garage Maintenance Houston supervisor directs teams to eradicate the discoloration and grime throughout these structures.   By taking the additional time to address the heart of the problem, Berkeley Services delivers delightful client outcomes.   Ready to restore your Houston parking facility?   Contact us today at our office in The Woodlands, Texas.   


Commercial Services Job Openings In Houston

Houston Pressure Washing Jobs

Expanding Houston area commercial service company seeking motivated operators for pressure washing, parking lot line striping, and construction projects.   Exciting pay scale and help with OSHA 30 training.   Berkeley Services has provided elite commercial services through the Texas gulf coast region for 40+ years.  

Berkeley Services Receives 2016 Best of Conroe Lawn Maintenance Award

Best of Conroe, Texas Lawn Maintenance Award

Press Release


Berkeley Outside Services, Inc Receives 2016 Best of Conroe Award

Conroe Award Program Honors the Achievement

CONROE May 18, 2016 -- Berkeley Outside Services, Inc has been selected for the 2016 Best of Conroe Award in the Lawn Maintenance category by the Conroe Award Program.

Each year, the Conroe Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Conroe area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2016 Conroe Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Conroe Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Conroe Award Program

The Conroe Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Conroe area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Conroe Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.

SOURCE: Conroe Award Program

Conroe Award Program
Email: PublicRelations@awardconnections.org
URL: http://www.awardconnections.org

The Power of Tennant Machines For Houston Parking Garages

Tennant Parking Garage Sweeping Machine

You expect service providers to employ the ultimate resources in the care of your facility.   Utilizing the right technology enables maintenance jobs to be completed in the most efficient manner possible.   Berkeley Services is proud to highlight our powerful partner in Houston Parking Garage Sweeping - the Tennant machine.    Please understand that all sweeping machines were not created equally.   The proper capital investment in these fine workhorses delivers extraordinary results for you.   The first question to ask any potential garage sweeping and cleaning service provider is, "Do you have Tennant machines?"  

Why Tennant Machines

Recently I ran into a friend from school and discovered that he currently works for the Tennant Company as a sales professional.   He told me that his role barely involved the promotion of his product since Tennant machines are so roundly regarded in the industry.    Clients are calling him to buy these machines, they know well the value of a Tennant.  Based on the commanding performance reputation, the repeated sales of new Tennant machines is assured.   Clearly you can see why Berkeley Services, Houston's leader in Parking garage sweeping puts these preeminent machines to work for our client properties.  

Garage Floor Scrubber Houston

Usage Benefits: How Tennant Machines Improve Your Facility

Cleaning a parking garage is a time intensive proposition that can involve degrees of inconvenience for clients and customers.    As part of our intense focus on client service we use Tennant machines to reduce time on the floor as well as elevate your results.    These machines allow us to complete the majority of jobs with a single pass, decreasing operational time and clearing our crew out of the way of your normal business operations.   Parking floors and garage surfaces look resplendent when we're finished.  Tennant machines also clean to a level recognized by world-class organizations.    The bottom line is that by working with Berkeley Services your organization will be rewarded with reduced work times and increased aesthetics.   Our partnership with Tennant machines helps us do that.    

Parking Garage Sweeping Machine Houston

About The Tennant Company

Tennant Company is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. Its products include equipment for maintaining surfaces in industrial, commercial and outdoor environments, and chemical-free and other sustainable cleaning technologies; and coatings for protecting, repairing and upgrading floors. Tennant’s direct global field service network is the most extensive in the industry. Tennant has manufacturing operations in Minneapolis, Minn.; Holland, Mich.; Louisville, Ky.; Uden, The Netherlands; the United Kingdom; São Paulo, Brazil; and Shanghai, China; and sells products directly in 15 countries and through distributors in more than 80 countries.

Landscaping Corporate Headquarters In The Woodlands, Texas

Landscaping Representative Client Work 

Premier Landscaping For Corporate Users

Large organizations don't have time for subpar contractors producing less than expected results!   Berkeley Services delivers on time, top-notch service that delights our client list, from small outfits to mega-size corporations.   Our professional leadership is easy to communicate with and will ensure your facilities landscaping needs are fully met.   The representative images displayed are from a recent project in The Woodlands and visually reflect the scope of our landscaping team's abilities.   Perfectly mown lines across the verdant lawn, accented by seasonal floral installations, provide a retreat like surrounding for one of Houston's largest employers.  With a fleet this seasoned and an outcome this good - we just had to showoff the results!

How Can We Help You Improve Your Surroundings?

The Berkeley Services team will spring into action with your call.    Connect with us today and you will truly experience elite commercial service.   

Parking Line Striping Houston

Parking Lot Lines Striped Houston

Houston Parking Lot Striping

Driving up to our location I was pleased to be greeted by gleaming, fresh parking lines and marking across the entirety of the campus.   What a sight!   A huge contrast from the day before.    Yesterday the Houston parking surface looked stale, faded, worn and neglected.   Today a triumphant transformation.   A newness flashing from below, beckoning me to navigate the contours of the The Woodlands Parking Lot with a sense a renewed excitement.   Thank you facility team for ensuring a timely parking lot restriping program!

Striped Parking Lines Houston

Treat Your Guests To A Fresh Parking Lot Striping

A place for everything and everything in it's place.   Cars (and drivers) deserve visible, accurate guidelines to help them find their way.  And that's exactly what they when Berkeley Services stripes a Houston parking lot.  The difference is apparent, the image is instantly detectable.   Right now consider how your business, facility, or organization could be boosted with this simple, quick, affordable aesthetic enhancement.    In our homes and offices we appreciate the power of a fresh coat of paint.   Translate that effect to the ground, and pathways surrounding your property.   Freshly striped parking lots truly make a measurable impression on team members and visitors alike.   The statement is a resounding anthem of self-confidence and detailed concern.  

Handicap Parking Marking Houston

Handicap Parking Lot Markings

Proudly highlight your group's concern for the disabled with professionally applied re-striping of all handicap parking spaces.   The picture above pictorially demonstrates Berkeley Service's Houston parking lot striping service in action in living color.   Create absolute clarity about the designated spaces within your lots and garages through regular technician visits.  This type of attention to detail silently, and outwardly communicates your competency plus organizational character.

Parking Restriping Lines The Woodlands

Ready For Line Parking Striping Houston

Determine that you will make budgetary and managerial commitments to ensure that the parking lines and markings spanning the business space of your organization will remain through the caring professionalism of Berkeley Services, Houston Parking Services.

How To Get Your Parking Garage Clean

Clean Parking Garage Surface

The Priority of Parking Garage Cleaning   

Presenting a clean parking space on a daily, ongoing basis is vital for business and professional reputations.   For property managers serving multiple office building tenants, the parking structure serves as an everyday testament to the level of service your provide your tenants and their essential clients.  Picture one of the principals at a firm in your building with less than a year left on their office space rental lease agreement.   Pulling into the garage each day brings vivid first hand encounters with the efforts, or lack thereof of the management company.   The sensory inputs received and retained by that decision maker; the soot on the interior walls of the parking garage, the dusty swirl descending upon well-chosen footwear, and the frustration of lingering oil stains or stagnant water, build an unfavorable impression.   Among all the stated benefits of the building, a pleasant entrance and exit sequence, anchored by a clean parking garage journey leave lasting impacts on the minds of building users.    The last thing any operator cares to hear is a complaint about a dirty parking garage from a client visitor.    

What It Takes To Maintain A Clean Parking Garage

For a parking garage of any scale, a professional cleaning partner is essential.   Berkeley Services has led the market for four decades in the Houston area.   As a locally owned and operated provider, you can be certain that developing a business relationship with the Berkeley Parking Garage team will be advantageous for your organization.  It takes consistent effort and oversight to excel at parking lot cleaning! 

Image Source http://elitepressurewashinginc.com/images/stories/contentimages/Parking_Garage_Cleaning_.jpg

Finding A Parking Garage In Houston

Classic Car In Houston Parking Garage

Houston, Texas can be a frustrating place to find a clean parking garage.   In the large commercial districts such as Downtown, the Texas Medical Center, West Loop a cluster of complex options appear appear in close proximity, confusing unfamiliar motorists with an option overload.   Navigating the varying rules and access protocols for each parking structure on top of the stressful street driving means that prior knowledge of a parking plan for your vehicle is tremendously helpful. 

Houston Parking Garage Map

Downtown Parking Garage Map

Discounted Houston Parking Garage Finder

Park Me Houston Parking Guide Site

Parking Garage Guide: Texas Medical Center

Parking Garage Facade Houston, Texas

Perhaps no parking adventure is greater than the Texas Medical Center.   With the vast of out-of-town and international travelers buzzing around seeking the best parking parking structure for their diagnostic or treatment visit, competition and confusion reign on the ramps of the Texas Medical Center operation eight garages structures and at least 3 surface lots providing open visitor access.    Thankfully their is a streamlined payment system and rate structure reducing the complexity of the financial factor.   Additionally, the streamlined management of the TMC results in clean parking garages that can be safely accessed.   The fact that they ensure that parking lot cleaning happens on a regular schedule is much appreciated! Nonetheless, even with pleasant aesthetics, parking is still a measurable expense which adds to the strain of already difficult situations.   

Pressure Washing Metal Building Rooftops

Berkeley Services has the gear and know-how to fully clean metal building exteriors.   Combating the grime which frequently accumulates along the siding and rooftops of metal structures requires advanced pressure washing equipment and trained operators.   Additionally, compliance with municipal, county, state, and federal environmental quality standards is critically important for any vendor working on your property.  Compliance really is more than a scare tactic, our owners have personally corresponded with an executive whose organization was fined in excess of $100,000 for improper disposal of waste waste from pressure washing treatments.   The company hired by the firm failed to safeguard their client with compliant practices to prevent legal liability on a massive scale!

TCEQ Complaint Pressure Washing Houston

Clearly overseeing pressure washing services is a vital element of facility management.  The priority is ensuring that providers of pressure washing are fully committed to conducting their service with TCEQ compliance.

How Berkeley Services Pressure Washes In The Woodlands, Texas

This pressure washing article will feature video footage of Berkeley Services professionals removing entire layers of caked on soot from the top of a metal roof in The Woodlands, Texas.   Our teams are easy to schedule through our friendly associates and will commence and complete your job in the agreed upon time frame.  For operational convenience night operation is available as well.   We understand how difficult it can be to have work performed at your site during daylight hours.   Berkeley Services melds our output to your needs. 

All of our professionals are licensed and trained for the jobs they perform.   When we pressure wash, we beautify the very area in which we live, while conserving our precious water resources through our innovative reclamation process.    Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss our water reclamation process and the benefit it can bring to your organization.  Know this, cleaning building exteriors does not have to be a drain on our environment!   When you speak with us, you will be reassured that hiring pressure washing need not be a risky decision for your company's bottom line.    

How To Cleanup Your Houston Construction Site

Houston construction debris pile

A frequently forgotten aspect of the construction process is site cleanup.    It's one of the burdensome parts of building or renovating, a continual mess pile accompanies the progress your organization makes.   Not confined to the completion stage of project management, site cleanup is an ongoing process requiring attention along the way.   

Berkeley Services Cleans Building Mess

Beyond The Bin Out Back

Berkeley Services will take your construction waste management beyond the bounds of the bin.   Working side by side with our construction team or another company handling the build or demolition - our site cleanup specialists will deliver seamless service so that you can focus on other components of your business.    Providing complete collection and transportation of waste materials will be handled in a timely and professional manner.  No random junk trail left behind our vehicles!   Our drivers are licensed and trained to properly travel and dispose of the waste materials in legally maintained dump sites in Harris and Montgomery Counties.   Our company deals with Waste Management and Republic Services.     

Delivering Construction Cleanup With Compliance

Berkeley Services understands local, state and federal permitting & environmental compliance. Our long term history of staying sound while handling complex client projects is proof of our priority to perform in a risk-minimized manner.   Questions about compliance for your organization?   Schedule a visit with us and we will gladly offer a custom consultation and informative walk-through.   We can quickly outline a site cleanup program for your Houston region business that can assist you in cost estimation and project site schematics.   This is an important and often overlooked portion of the project management process and front-end attention will ensure a more pleasing and reduced stress daily flow for your management team.    Additionally, browse our other service offerings and consider Berkeley Services for all your construction needs.      

Image Source 1

Image Source 2 

Commercial Painting The Woodlands

Imagine how you could dominate business this year with a fresh coat of paint, a color refresh or an entirely new pallet altogether!   Berkeley Services has the tools and staffing to quickly turn around commercial painting orders of various sizes on a tight timetable. Desiring a new scenic look throughout the interiors of your eatery, or ready to transform your light industrial exterior into an edifice that entices the eyes of all who glance nearby? Well known for our parking striping and garage sweeping capabilities, Berkeley Services is also a major provider of construction services in Harris and Montgomery County areas.    When considering a painting project for your church, restaurant, medical facility, or office property near The Woodlands, start with Berkeley Services.   Forty years of track record attest to our record of delivering outstanding results on time and within budget.  

Providing Service From Our Our The Woodlands, Office

Located right in the hub of The Woodlands & Spring off Rayford Rd, Berkeley Services.   Our crews traverse these areas priming and painting all sorts for establishments.    Undergirded by our 40 years in the business we've compiled a lengthly list of completed projects that you can review as part of your due diligence.   Various types of paint applications are in our wheelhouse.  Additionally our painting team is supported by a dedicated construction division available to consult on a wide range of facility, compliance, or mechanical items that may arise.    Often painting projects uncover additional concerns and the full features of the Berkeley Services team provide additional value to you during your project phase.   

Commercial Painting Project Timetable

Got an extensive business painting job that you need addressed by a team of professionals in a timely manner.   Our director, Brett Martin will pleasantly visit with you and determined a realistic completion timeline.   We understand the strain generated by lengthy painting disruptions, and our priority will be professional perfection on the schedule estimation so that your associates are free of hinderance in a timely manner.   Our clients are valuable to us and we will pledge to handle all communication, estimating, and service delivery to you with the utmost care.   We are a medium sized business extending small business service with big corporation capability to clients of all scales.  Many projects can be completed in a small number of days, with our top-flight equipment and trained operators.  Visit with us today.


Image Source 1

Image Source 2

Facility Managers: Keep Your Parking Lot Striped

A frequently overlooked area of facility managing parking lot striping.   It can be quit easy to forget how important it is to frequently have the striping reapplied to parking lot and parking garage surfaces.   Above all, this is a security issue as properly painted lines produce heightened levels of safety for all who enter and exit the property.   Without clear, vivid lines, incidents of personal and property damage are more likely to occur.   One of my first impressions of many facilities is the appearance of the parking premises.   I notice fresh, bright parking lines and arrows and appreciate as they aid my navigation of the property.   When lines and directional markings are faded and cracked I sense neglect and my estimation of the entire place dwindles.   Conversely, the gleam of fresh white paint delights the eyes and boosts the aura of the facility being entered.   A small line item on most facility budget like the parking lot striping can have a major impact!  Berkeley Services provides parking striping in The Woodlands, Texas.  

Maintenance Programs

Easy to neglect, but very impactful, parking lot striping is missed by many businesses.   You've seen the faint glimmer of white paint barely peaking out from a mound of soot at plenty of lots.  Fortunately we have regular maintenance programs designed to ensure you will have an orderly process protecting the aesthetics of your organization.   Our professional striping team is often able to complete a re-stripe for a medium size lots in 2-4 hours. To prevent business loss or inconvenience our teams work after operating hours to place no burden on your organization.  Please contact our Berkeley Services and we will present you with a concise overview of our services and discuss the plan that would work best for you!

Metal Buildings Construction In The Woodlands, Tx

Advantages of Metal Buildings 

There are a multitude of benefits with developing a metal building on your personal or commercial property.  As with any with construction design, careful analysis is necessary in order to make the best determination.   This article will address the primary benefits and limitations of metal buildings and highlight the experience of Berkeley Services, The Woodland's metal building specialist.   With forty years of successful service in the Houston region, or team is proficient in this type of facility.   Any structure fabricated with steel for interior support and external cladding meets the definition of a metal building.    Offering both self-framing and custom designed metal structure design and installation, Berkeley Services has the ability to properly satisfy the full spectrum of your facility vision.   By guaranteeing that our buildings will be prepared for all applicable loads you'll have peace of mind as you work further on the architectural planning phase.  

Metal buildings have significantly lower construction costs, relying on less materials structural and connecting joints.   These two differences highlight the primary alternative offered a metal buildings.   In short, these buildings hold up very well in comparison studies. A different approach to developing a facility can yield significant gains for your organization.   

Increased construction speed and reduced cost is one of the strong benefits of constructing a metal building.   The total time from ground breaking to grand opening is often substantially less for a metal building than for a traditional structure.   You could have your operation up and running in a new, custom designed building that is perfectly outfitted for your business or personal need.  Berkeley Services has been erecting metal buildings for many years in the Houston area.   From our office in The Woodlands we have overseen dozens of metal construction projects.   We would be happy to learn about your upcoming project designs.