Commercial Pressure Washing Strategies

Determining Needed Frequency 

In facilities management, setting the optimal scheduling program ensures the highest levels of risk management and aesthetic advantage.   With pressure washing of cement areas our standard recommendation is a quarterly treatment plan.   Having your surfaces professional pressure washed at this frequency diminishes the build-up window for grime and corrosion, which can aggregate into hardened soot layers with the potential for permanent stains.   Since every facility and location is unique we would be glad to personally develop an individualized pressure washing plan for your Houston, Texas facility.   


TCEQ Compliance For Pressure Washing In The Woodlands, Texas

Many facility decision makers may not be be fully aware of pertinent pressure washing regulations (state & local).   In short, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. mandates that waste water be fully reclaimed and recycled, so as not to swamp into the regional sewer system.   We’ve worked with several entities that have been slammed with sizable fines for violations of this policy, designed to safeguard our collective water supply.   Berkeley Services is the market leader in TCEQ compliance, having sustained a reputation for legal and code expertise, bringing peace of mind to clients across the Houston & The Woodlands, Texas area. 






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