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Get Your Houston Parking Garage Clean! 

Dirty, disheveled parking floors dissuade guests and demotivate employees.   In Houston, Texas, Berkeley Services leads the pack in professional office garage sweeping with trained and experienced technicians wielding top-level equipment.    Our sweepers provide the reliable  pressure necessary to extract the toughest grime from your parking surfaces.   In contrast to many competitors who feature sub-par carriers, we've invested in the best machines to offer service premier to you in all your facilities across the Harris and Montgomery county region. 

Parking Garage Pressure Washing

In addition to garage sweeping, Houston power washing is a key component of maintaining high standards of cleanliness for parking facilities.   Oil and paint residue from heavy vehicle traffic quickly collect and form unsightly blemishes on a variety of surfaces, including walls and ceilings.   Berkeley Services provides professional power washing services with strict adherence to applicable practices & codes.  For example, water must be 190 degrees plus under full pressure in order to remove oil stains on a molecular level.   This principle of expert garage cleaning allows a premium level of performance that you will be able to instantly recognize.  Imagine reviewing your facility after Berkeley Services has performed sweeping service, and being filled with delight at the gleaming garage flooring surrounding you on every side.   This is the result of Berkeley's work, and a driving motivator behind our forty plus year tenure serving the Houston area and surrounding counties.    

Ready for Berkeley to professionally sweep your garage?