Finding A Parking Garage In Houston

Houston, Texas can be a frustrating place to find a clean parking garage.   In the large commercial districts such as Downtown, the Texas Medical Center, West Loop a cluster of complex options appear appear in close proximity, confusing unfamiliar motorists with an option overload.   Navigating the varying rules and access protocols for each parking structure on top of the stressful street driving means that prior knowledge of a parking plan for your vehicle is tremendously helpful.

Houston Parking Garage Map

Downtown Parking Garage Map

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Parking Garage Guide: Texas Medical Center

Perhaps no parking adventure is greater than the Texas Medical Center.   With the vast of out-of-town and international travelers buzzing around seeking the best parking parking structure for their diagnostic or treatment visit, competition and confusion reign on the ramps of the Texas Medical Center operation eight garages structures and at least 3 surface lots providing open visitor access.    Thankfully their is a streamlined payment system and rate structure reducing the complexity of the financial factor.   Additionally, the streamlined management of the TMC results in clean parking garages that can be safely accessed.   The fact that they ensure that parking lot cleaning happens on a regular schedule is much appreciated! Nonetheless, even with pleasant aesthetics, parking is still a measurable expense which adds to the strain of already difficult situations.

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