How To Get Your Parking Garage Clean

The Priority of Parking Garage Cleaning   

Presenting a clean parking space on a daily, ongoing basis is vital for business and professional reputations.   For property managers serving multiple office building tenants, the parking structure serves as an everyday testament to the level of service your provide your tenants and their essential clients.  Picture one of the principals at a firm in your building with less than a year left on their office space rental lease agreement.   Pulling into the garage each day brings vivid first hand encounters with the efforts, or lack thereof of the management company.   The sensory inputs received and retained by that decision maker; the soot on the interior walls of the parking garage, the dusty swirl descending upon well-chosen footwear, and the frustration of lingering oil stains or stagnant water, build an unfavorable impression.   Among all the stated benefits of the building, a pleasant entrance and exit sequence, anchored by a clean parking garage journey leave lasting impacts on the minds of building users.    The last thing any operator cares to hear is a complaint about a dirty parking garage from a client visitor.    

What It Takes To Maintain A Clean Parking Garage

For a parking garage of any scale, a professional cleaning partner is essential.   Berkeley Services has led the market for four decades in the Houston area.   As a locally owned and operated provider, you can be certain that developing a business relationship with the Berkeley Parking Garage team will be advantageous for your organization.  It takes consistent effort and oversight to excel at parking lot cleaning! 

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