How To Cleanup Your Houston Construction Site

How To Cleanup Your Houston Construction Site

A frequently forgotten aspect of the construction process is site cleanup.  It’s one of the burdensome parts of building or renovating, a continual mess pile accompanies the progress your organization makes.   Not confined to the completion stage of project management, site cleanup is an ongoing process requiring attention along the way.

Beyond The Bin Out Back

Berkeley Services will take your construction waste management beyond the bounds of the bin. Working side by side with our construction team or another company handling the build or demolition – our site cleanup specialists will deliver seamless service so that you can focus on other components of your business.    Providing complete collection and transportation of waste materials will be handled in a timely and professional manner.  No random junk trail left behind our vehicles!   Our drivers are licensed and trained to properly travel and dispose of the waste materials in legally maintained dump sites in Harris and Montgomery Counties.   Our company deals with Waste Management and Republic Services.

Delivering Construction Cleanup With Compliance

Berkeley Services understands local, state and federal permitting & environmental compliance. Our long term history of staying sound while handling complex client projects is proof of our priority to perform in a risk-minimized manner.   Questions about compliance for your organization?   Schedule a visit with us and we will gladly offer a custom consultation and informative walk-through.   We can quickly outline a site cleanup program for your Houston region business that can assist you in cost estimation and project site schematics.   This is an important and often overlooked portion of the project management process and front-end attention will ensure a more pleasing and reduced stress daily flow for your management team.    Additionally, browse our other service offerings and consider Berkeley Services for all your construction needs.

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