Facility Managers: Keep Your Parking Lot Striped

A frequently overlooked area of facility managing parking lot striping.   It can be quit easy to forget how important it is to frequently have the striping reapplied to parking lot and parking garage surfaces.   Above all, this is a security issue as properly painted lines produce heightened levels of safety for all who enter and exit the property.   Without clear, vivid lines, incidents of personal and property damage are more likely to occur.   One of my first impressions of many facilities is the appearance of the parking premises.   I notice fresh, bright parking lines and arrows and appreciate as they aid my navigation of the property.   When lines and directional markings are faded and cracked I sense neglect and my estimation of the entire place dwindles.   Conversely, the gleam of fresh white paint delights the eyes and boosts the aura of the facility being entered.   A small line item on most facility budget like the parking lot striping can have a major impact!  Berkeley Services provides parking striping in The Woodlands, Texas.  

Maintenance Programs

Easy to neglect, but very impactful, parking lot striping is missed by many businesses.   You’ve seen the faint glimmer of white paint barely peaking out from a mound of soot at plenty of lots.  Fortunately we have regular maintenance programs designed to ensure you will have an orderly process protecting the aesthetics of your organization.   Our professional striping team is often able to complete a re-stripe for a medium size lots in 2-4 hours. To prevent business loss or inconvenience our teams work after operating hours to place no burden on your organization.  Please contact our Berkeley Services and we will present you with a concise overview of our services and discuss the plan that would work best for you!

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