The Pressure Washing Process

Pressure washing provides comprehensive water based cleaning, a fast and effective remedy for the continual onslaught of dirt that envelopes our area.   Shopping center managers, school district supervisors, governmental directors, and commercial building operators rely on pressure or power washing to keep a crisp, fresh appearance on the exterior of their property.   The extensive vegetation, treed suburban atmosphere and abundant flora of the Houston area generate large quantities of pollen and biological resin.   This is the Piney Woods area of Texas! Add in the assorted dust waves emanating from countless cars on the roadways and the source of build-up is clear.   Without frequent pressure washing surfaces, siding and equipment become unsightly, slippery, and even non-functioning.   

In this post we will profile the pressure washing process, giving an overview of this essential facility management function.  Berkeley Services, The Woodlands Pressure Washing experts recommends pressure washing bi-monthly, which will prevent build up of soot, grime, and potentially harmful contaminants.   In specific instances a more frequent maintenance cycle should be undertaken.  We’re local in The Woodlands, TX and serve throughout the Houston area.   Our teams have pressure washed numerous for clients in Harris & Montgomery Counties for over four decades.  

Scheduling The Woodlands Pressure Washing Service

Berkeley Services works on a no-contract basis, providing scheduled pressure washing treatments to our clients.   When you contact us we will assess your facility grounds to optimally relate to your needs.   Let us know any unique aspects pertaining to your aesthetics such as, heavy traffic times,  events thats cause residue or contamination,  or internal occurrences we should be aware of.  For example the arrival of deliveries or a other contractor activity can result in debris necessitating a clean.    As we work together to build your pressure washing plan, you will be able to quickly realize the value we provide.  

The Waste Water Reclamation Process

It might almost seem magical.   The water that Berkeley Services utilizes to clean is completely recovered and restored for future use.  It’s an environmental miracle where our technology serves you by keeping you compliant (and saving utility costs).   The environment is improved and everyone wins.   Industrial strength vacuums and holding tanks allow complete filtration of all the water used in the pressure washing process.    This on-site transformation sets Berkeley Services apart.  We will update our company blog soon with pictures and videos of the process.



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