Houston Parking Garage Power Washing

Houston Parking Garage Power Washing


Houston Parking Garage Power Washing

Berkeley Services is committed to providing excellent commercial services in the Houston area.   In all of our operations, spanning forty years, we’ve been dedicated, as a company, to delivering quality service. Dirt, grime, and mildew accumulate over a long period of time. What starts as a small amount of buildup can turn into an ugly and damaging mess quickly.  This not only ruins the appearance of your building and parking lots, it also lead to costly damages down the road.  Berkeley encourages our customers to schedule regular commercial garage power washing.


Power Washing Houston

The high humidity and constant activity of Houston ensures that parking lot surfaces are inundated daily with soot and grime.   We’ve all stepped out of our vehicles in a parking garage, ready for an important business meeting or night out on the town, only to have our shoes and pant legs marred by dirt. Eliminating unpleasant scenes like this is the reason so many organizations contract with Berkeley Services for regular PRESSURE WASHING services.

Houston Garage Power Washing

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