Houston Parking Garage Power Washing Before & After

Berkeley Services is committed to excellent commercial service in the Houston area.   In all of our operation, spanning forty years, we’ve been dedicated as a company to delivering extraordinary client outcomes.   With many service areas, it is important that we highlight the garage power washing work of our esteemed professionals.  Above you can see the level of accumulated dirt present on the garage surface, right along a widely trafficked corridor and critical pedestrian path.   Now scan right below for a visual representation of our team’s hard work.   Notice how the drainage trail has been entirely eliminated from the pictured parking spaces and the radius around the drainage cover has been dramatically changed.   This is a completely restored garage floor!   Ready for Berkeley Services, Houston’s leader in parking garage maintenance to transform your garage or surface lot?

Power Washing Houston

The humidity and activity of our beloved city ensures that parking lot surfaces are inundated with soot and grime over time.   We’ve all stepped out of our vehicles in a parking garage, ready for an important business meeting or night out on the town, only to have our shoes and pant legs marred by discoloration below.   Eliminating unpleasant scenes like this is the reason so many organizations contract with Berkeley Services for regular power washing & cleaning services.  We don’t just kicking dirt, we’re solving serious aesthetic and environmental issues every day across Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.