The Power of Houston Power Washing

Cleaning Houston Parking Garages

The Berkeley Services pressure washing team often encounters severe residue buildup and discoloration while maintaining Houston parking garages in busy commercial districts.   Excessive paint, oil, and grit from numerous motor cars combine to produce a nasty adhesive on the driving surface.   These messes do not look attractive to employees and visitors of well trafficked office corridors.   Fortunately our expert technicians are able to blast away these gaping eyesores, leaving spotless surfaces behind for every driver to enjoy.   

A Clean Parking Garage Surface

Employing a sequence of specialized techniques, our Parking Garage Maintenance Houston supervisor directs teams to eradicate the discoloration and grime throughout these structures.   By taking the additional time to address the heart of the problem, Berkeley Services delivers delightful client outcomes.   Ready to restore your Houston parking facility?   Contact us today at our office in The Woodlands, Texas.