Why I Outsource Christmas Lights…

My wife loves Christmas and starts the readiness apparatus around the week of Fall Festival.  She loves everything to do with the season.  The wrapping, the thematic colors, the music, and the events at church all bring her delight.   But above all that is enchanting during Christmas time, the lights are the most dazzling for her.   We drive to look at lights, appreciate regular walks past neighboring homes with decoration designs, and yearn to do something cool for own family’s house.   The past several years have featured a luster-lacking batch of strings circling the trees and awkward shrub nets dangling behind them as our front yard presentation.   Clearly my wife deserves better.   After all her hard work, scurrying through the days as schoolmaster for a fiver person group of rowdy ones under the age of six, one of the most enduring presents I could offer he is a illuminated front yard.  SHE DESIRES CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! The kind she would be ecstatic to step out and observe with a mug of hot chocolate in hand each night as the advent approaches.  The kind that would be noteworthy to friends and family to come and see.  

Truly, a professionally designed light display in our yard would become her nightly refuge.  So armed with the resolve to get her Christmas Lights as a gift this year, I decided to contact Berkeley Services, the premier outfit that provides complete lighting solutions to many of the luxury homes in The Woodlands.   

Even living in a big city like Houston, Texas.  It can be hard to find the right provider to handle your light service.  Many freelancers frequent the market, with inconsistent operation and service.   Equal numbers of neighbors have had good / bad experiences and therefore I decided not to gamble and instead contact a sure thing.   After all the lighting season is short and time is off the essence for displays to be deployed correctly.   As you consider options to have your The Woodlands home accented triumphantly for the winter season remember Berkeley Services, Christmas Lighting The Woodlands